The suspension must evolve together with the advance of high-end sedans. Extage: A new beacon for premium shock absorbers.

High-end passenger cars are advancing rapidly today, thanks to power enhancements, increased rigidity, more sophisticated suspension structures and higher tire performance, among others. To accommodate high-end passenger cars, KYB has developed a new series of shock absorbers. Extage is a range of premium shock absorbers to which we have abundantly applied the latest and best cutting-edge technologies in which we take great pride.

Introducing a New, Advanced Value construction.
The internal valve construction determines the kind of mechanism that produces damping-force, and such a mechanism serves as the basic function of a shock absorber. We have completely changed the internal valve construction from the previous model and introduced an all-new valve design specifically for premium cars (i.e., the mono-tube type).

Multi-level (32-Level) Adjustment for Damping-Force to meet a wide range of driver needs.
KYB has introduced a feature that makes the damping-force adjustable over 32 levels (for some models, eight levels of adjustment with the rear shock absorber). This new feature makes it possible to choose an optimal setting for the damping-force, which varies according to the tires used and the kind of ride desired.