Lowfer Sports

 KYB Lowfer Series is a range of short-stroke shock absorbers specifically designed for lowered suspensions.

The Lowfer Sports shock absorbers can help the lowered suspension demonstrate its true performance.

  • The advantage of a Short-Stroke Shock Absorbers

When a lowering spring is installed, the ride height is lower than the height when a standard spring is installed. However, when a short-stroke shock absorber is used, its stroke will be nearly the same as that of the original shock absorber.

  • Lowering Coil Spring for Optimal Combination

KYB also offers lowering springs we have designed specifically, and confidently, for Lowfer Sports in order to meet the needs of drivers who want to install the kind of lowering coil spring that will work best with the shock absorbers they have installed, thus ensuring optimal suspension performance.

 The KYB Lowfer Sport suspension kits have been designed to provide a lower ride height with high levels of ride comfort for a range of vehicles.

  • Designed to provide a comfortable ride at low ride height
  • Designed and tested for vehicles carrying 5 passengers to ensure the best possible damper setting and rider comfort
  • Offers 180% extension and 150% compression compared to OEM parts
  • Available for a wide range of vehicles
  • More information available from KYB under Additional Details