Real Sport Damper


Meeting the needs of all drivers, An Ultimate answer for KYB
Friction control in the ultra-low speed range, achieved through the use of DLC (Diamond-Like carbon), provides the ultimate settings desired by every driver who wants a reduced lap time on the circuit. A high-level roll balance ensures car behavior that is perfectly in sync with turn-in action, allowing the driver to experience a direct grip fell and excellent damping compliance. These circuit-worthy features are truly representative of KYB’s flagship models for the motor-sports enthusiast.

Anti-foaming Value

Reduces foaming and performance fade

Chrome Plated Piston

Reduces upper seal water

Cylinder & Sleeves

Adds strength and eliminates noises vs. rolled and welded designs.

Features and Benefits

  • High-end coil-over kit for surfaced street and circuit use.
  • Height adjustable shock absorber (double action)
  • Mono-tube & Twin-tube type selectable
  • The world first DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) film Treatment piston rod for automobile
  • Multi-level (4-32 level) adjustment of damping force tech_real