Made to be Punished, Made to Last

You can’t get the best from any shocks unless they are matched to the springs. To optimize the entire suspension package KYB has matched the Skorched4’s industry leaders King Springs’ range of coil and leaf springs, resulting in Skorched 4’s having exactly the right rebound and compression ratios in both standard and 50 mm lifted form.

Skorched 4’s also have velocity-sensitive valving so they permit axle articulation as the vehicle eases over rocks at low speeds, yet harden up to provide a flatter stance around high-speed corners to combat body roll and nosedive under hard braking. There’s even a little extra articulation as the skorched 4’s are longer than the OEM shock absorbers.

Shock absorbers take a pounding as heavy 4WD travel for hours on corrugated outback track, often at high temperatures. Even though the occupants may barely feel the bumps the shocks are working overtime, and the means heat buildup that will see a sub-standard shock absorber quickly fade and become dangerous. KYB’s solution is a twin-tube design with a large-diameter 35 mm piston, which means a greater oil volume and a slower heat buildup.

But the robust design doesn’t end there. There’s also a desert-tough 16 mm hardened-chrome rod for superior side-loa strength, a four-step top seal to keep dirt out and the oil in, seamless cylinders and eye rings to eliminate weak points. In other words, this is one shock built to perform, and made to last.

Anti-foaming Value

Reduces foaming and performance fade

Chrome Plated Piston

Reduces upper seal water

Cylinder & Sleeves

Adds strength and eliminates noises vs. rolled and welded designs.

Features and Benefits

Ride and handling control

  • Carefully matched to market-leading springs for a complete suspension package.
  • Variable valving permits full flex at low speed yet delivers sharp high-speed handling, and reduced nosedive under baking.
  • Nitrogen gas charged for less fade through heat buildup.
  • Extra length improves articulation.
  • Twin-tube design and self –sealed packing eliminates fade and maintains shock performance even under arduous outback conditions.
  • Natural rubber bushes for improved feel and damping.

Built the last

  • Twin-tube design consisting of hardened chromed 16 mm diameter piston rod results in superior strength, maximizing performance under extreme conditions.
  • Micro-smooth, hardened chromed piston rods provide longer seal life and reliability.
  • Sintered iron pistons and guide rods for extended shock life and durability.
  • Self-sealed packing keeps oil in and contaminants out to ensure proper performance.
  • Seamless cylinders and eye rings eliminate weak points and seam failures.